Monday, February 29, 2016

Happiness is a four-letter word ... Busisiwe Ntintili

"A change is gonna come," says Busisiwe Ntintili, screenwriter of the movie, Happiness is a four-letter word, on the iStart2 Show this week. "As a country we must really begin to face our past. Start talking... it is a good thing to do. Put your mouth where your heart is."

"iStart2 build my own vegetable patch in my garden" - Busisiwe Ntintili

Busisiwe Ntintili is an experienced writer, director, producer, web & graphic designer, copywriter, editor and trainer in the creative arts, film, television and media industries. She holds a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Degree in English Literature and French from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. 

In her final year of university, Busisiwe wrote her honour thesis paper on the work of South African legend Andre Brink and received High Honours for her seniour thesis.

Since her return from the USA in 1999, Busisiwe has been consistently working as a multi-media writer and creative producer in South Africa, first in advertising, then radio and internet, and now corporate, documentary, film, television and video, and is today one of South Africa’s most respected media practitioners.

Busisiwe’s longterm goal is to develop the South African media and creative industries to become a global leader, to export media and creative products globally, and to contribute to the media and creative industries becoming a major player in the South African economy. "I believe in the future of Africa and the excellence of African people."

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 We had such fun at the iStart2 Hub over the weekend. Thank you to Pops Mohamed, Herringbone and Dr Dick's Blues Journey for sharing their magic. Some pictures of the show at the iStart2 Hub below.


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

iStart2Sing in Centurion 27 February 2016

Join Pops Mohamed, Herringbone & Dr Dick's Blues Journey (USA) for an evening of Jazz, Blues and Traditional Music.

When: Saturday 27 February 2016
Time: 20H00
Place: iStart2 Hub 160 South Street, Lyttelton Holdings, Centurion.
Snacks & Drinks available

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Liquidation vs Business Rescue ... Corne van Staden

Thinking about liquidating your business? Is your business in financial difficulty? Do you need a lifeline?  Business Rescue is a legal process you can use to help.

Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act allows those SA companies in "financial distress" or trading in insolvent circumstances to file for business rescue and, with the assistance of a business rescue practitioner, reorganise and restructure the business with the aim of returning it to a more stable and profitable entity.

Corne van Staden and Larisa Myburgh with Pierre and Keitu on the iStart2 Show

We asked Corne van Staden, owner of Business Rescue cc and a registered Business Rescue Practitioner, some pertinent questions:
- What is the difference between Business Rescue and Liquidation?
- What is a Business Rescue Practitioner?
- What are the benefits of business rescue?
- Who can be helped with business rescue?

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Losing my Religion ... Drs Piet Muller & Gerhard Bothma

Getting fired during your peak earning years has always been scary. How do you deal with this? Ex-NG Dominee, Gerhard Bothma shares his experience: "My biggest fear is to go back and work for a boss." 

"The more murkier things become, the more opportunities there are," says Piet Muller on the iStart2 Show this week. "Stop talking yourself into misery, change your mindset and stick out your hand to everybody."

Piet Muller is a futurist and creativity consultant who brings with him a wealth of experience in diverse fields. He was amongst others co-founder of two publishing houses and founding editor of an opinion magazine. He is also an active environmentalist, who was involved in various conservation projects and presents seminars on the future.

Gerhard Bothma is a change agent and networker. He has published three books and numerous academic and popular articles on a wide variety of subjects. He currently applies the knowledge and experience he has gained from working with organizations and volunteers for more than 30 years as public speaker, teacher, coach and writer.

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Thought of the Day: Never, ever, give up!

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Dr Dick's Blues Review, Herringbone and Pops Mohamed

Date: 27 February 2016

Venue: iStart2 Conference & Entertainment Hub
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Tomorrow will be too late, my son ... Lucie Pagé

"We have to live within the limits of the Planet. What is so difficult to understand?" asks Lucie Pagé on the iStart2 Show this week. "Everyone wants to be happy and live in peace. What are we doing to achieve that?"

After having travelled in 53 countries, often accompanying her husband in his meetings with great leaders of this planet, discussions with activists, scientists, Nobel laureates, civil society leaders, presidents, people that are discussing the state of the planet we are leaving our children and the mountains we have to move, together, to stop its destruction in the name of profit, the book Demain, il sera trop tard, mon fils (“Tomorrow will be too late, my son” – 2014) was born. 

Lucie's book is a conversation with her son Kami who, at 21 years old only, asks terribly lucid questions about the state of the planet and forces us to reflect, "There has been a genocide of values," Kami says. 

Husband and father Jay Naidoo also joins the conversation, from the perspective of someone who has already, in a sense, changed the world by his role in the liberation of South Africa. Seven topics are covered: injustice, greed/corruption, the environment, agriculture/nutrition, religion/spirituality, values, and the role of the youth.  The critics in the media all talk of a powerful book, a cry of the heart of the mother but especially Kami’s and, through his voice, that of the youth, seeking a better world.

To listen to the podcast, some music by Philippe Elan and Katherine Jenkins and a lively discussion with Lucie, just click play:

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Dr Dick's Blues Review, Herringbone and Pops Mohamed

Date: 27 February 2016

Venue: iStart2 Conference & Entertainment Hub
City: Centurion
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