Monday, September 28, 2015

Hopeless wanderer ... Samantha Derham

"Every individual is able to do something small," says Samantha Derham. "I try to buy everything I own secondhand and thereby I support local businesses. Sustainability is a fundamental behaviour change in every aspect of our lives".

Samantha Derham has been passionate about doing her bit to help protect the environment since a young child. She grew up in South Africa and then pursued this passion at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and achieved a BSc in Biology, Geography and Environmental Science. After graduating she worked at the Auckland City Council in environmental planning consents, and then returned to South Africa where she worked as an environmental consultant.

Since then she has been working for herself on a range of environmental and sustainability projects, and selling a range of products that help to reduce our impact on the environment, including PV solar, water harvesting, biogas, EM and bokashi products and reusable menstrual cups.

We chat to Samantha on the iStart2 Show. To listen click below:

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Calling all Actors, Musicians and Dancers!
Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the AMANDLA!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Surrender ... Luna Paige

Luna Paige is a proudly South African singer songwriter. She has been described as a singer with a sultry voice who has a mesmerising way of luring the listener into a world of beautiful images and emotions. Her voice and the lyrics of her songs leave an indelible imprint on your mind: 

I've been delivered
Afraid of change
And now I stand alone before you
And  I surrender
- Surrender Lyrics by Luna Paige

"iStart2 recognise that fear is only a lack of knowledge" - Luna Paige

We chatted to Luna about her career, sustainability issues relating to her social work, her recent trip to the Netherlands and the upcoming show in Centurion on 23 September 2015. Book your tickets here.

Surrender and New Love are two of the songs you can listen to during the interview:

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Thought of the Day:

iStart2Sing now available on iTunes

Check out African Dreamtime at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz next week on 25th September at the Sandton Convention Centre. It's gonna kick like a mule! Joining Pops Mohamed will be Steve Newman, Femi Koya, Mabi Thobejane, Tlale Makhene and Lucas Senyatso. So watch this space guys! Sharp sharp!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Iba (Homage) ... Femi Koya & Pops Mohamed

Femi Koya jams with Pops Mohamed in studio on the "iStart2 Show". Femi talks us through his new CD, named Iba (Homage):' I decided to create a sound from both countries - South Africa and Nigeria, and call it World Afrobeat. The Album is about paying homage to the living legends and the African soil."

He also chats to us about migrancy issues and what it is like to be a Nigerian living in South Africa. Femi also shares his views on the long road to artistic sustainability.

"Always see opportunity in difficulties" - Femi Koya

Icon Pops Mohamed talks about his trip to the Netherlands, his performance in Soest and shares his expectations of what we can look forward to at the upcoming Joy of Jazz Festival in September. 

Pops Mohamed & Karin Hougaard during their performance in the Netherlands
(Photo: Elize Zorgman)

To listen to the title track of Femi's new cd, the interview and his jam with Pops in studio, just click play:

Thought of the Day

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Rebel Woman ... Phillippa Yaa de Villiers

"I usually take a Zola Budd, it's affordable and sustainable for an artist" says Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, an award-winning South African writer and performance artist who performs her work nationally and internationally.

"I don't need to be saved. I am a free individual"

She is noted for her poetry, which has been published in collections and in many magazines and anthologies, as well as for her autobiographical one-woman show, Original Skin, which centres on her confusion about her identity at a young age, as the bi-racial daughter of an Australian mother and a Ghanaian father who was adopted and raised by a white family in apartheid South Africa. 

"iStart2 feel hope when I see people working towards 
happiness in their own lives"
- Phillipa Yaa de Villiers"

She has written: "I became Phillippa Yaa when I found my biological father, who told me that if he had been there when I was born, the first name I'd have been given would be a day name like all Ghanaian babies, and all Thursday girls are Yaa, Yawo, or Yaya. So by changing my name I intended to inscribe a feeling of belonging and also one of pride on my African side. After growing up black in white South Africa, internalising so many negative 'truths' of what black people are like, I needed to reclaim my humanity and myself from the toxic dance of objectification."

Phillippa joined Keitu Gwangwa in studio to chat about her life journey as a writer and performer. Her works touch base on matters of identity, gender (feminism), race, sexuality, and class. Keitu opens up the show with one of her renowned poems.

To listen to the show and an interview with this incredible woman, click play: 

Thought of the Day:

Remember to Join the Joy of Jazz 

in September!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Falling ... Michele Nigrini

We chatted to well known and much loved South African artist, Michele Nigrini about her recent exhibition, her life as a painter and what it's like to live as an artist in South Africa today. "In Art you learn about life," says Michele.

"iStart2 make my own dried tomatoes"
- Michele Nigrini

Michèle believes that art is a medium for the elevation of the spirit, yet her work remains rooted in the experience of everyday life. She presents images of her own surroundings, symbolizing the sustenance she draws from the environment in which she lives: household objects, landscapes and the varied structures within it, plants, trees, stones, hedges, grass, the odd image of a fish or a cow, wind mill or a bird. View her work at here or
A visit to the moodswing exhibition at the Tina Skukan Gallery before 17 September is a must! 

To listen to the interview and some of Michele's favourite music by Karin Hougaard and Karen Zoid, just click play:

Thought of the Day:

iStart2 Ambassadors in the Netherlands

Spreading the message of the Kalahari San and our indigenous people of Africa, iStart2 Ambassadors, Pops Mohamed and Karin Hougaard performed in the Netherlands this week at Herman van Veen's Art Centre near Soest. (Pictures by Elize Zorgman and Jannes Fourie)

Pops Mohamed with Coenie de Villiers at De Paltz in the Netherlands.

Have a wonderful week!